Wholesale & Retail Industry

The wholesale and retail industry is one of most competitive industries in Malta. Being one of the most reactive industries, local entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for the newest consumer trends, market diversification, new strengths and weaknesses as well as the ongoing industry and legal changes. The Maltese retail sector is mostly made up of family owned small shops and vendors. However, entry to EU and adoption of the Euro has opened doors to new challenges in the industry. Issues such as varying industry standards particularly in health and safety, economic and environmental efficacy as well as fair competition have all left their footprint on local vendors. Malta’s entry into the EU made it easier for large European retails to expand on the islands forcing local traders to rethink their strategies and expanding their trade into the EU.

At CSA our specialised team is equipped to walk the clients throughout the various phases of the business starting with initial start-up requirements onto management and compliance. We can assist businesses with applying for permits, drawing up of budgets and projections as well as provide project and tax advice. Our team of accountants and advisors will look into the logistical issues and tackle them together with the client. Bearing in mind that our retail portfolio includes countries such as the EU, the UK, Turkey and Libya, our firm has deep awareness of the clients’ needs in several jurisdiction and can therefore ensure our maximum expertise in our clients’ projects.



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