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Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) relates to learning and training activities that warrant holders are required to perform yearly within their profession. All members of the Malta Institute of Accountants together with all warrant holders are obliged to abide by the CPE requirements.

As per CPE requirements warrant holders are expected to undertake minimum requirements of 25 structured hours and 15 unstructured hours. Bearing this in mind, any excess of minimum requirements in one year cannot be carried forward to the following year.

Our policy at CSA is to help our staff with their continuous learning and therefore our firm makes it a point to subsidise structured CPE Regular training on IFRS and other changing regulations are also offered by the firm from time to time to make sure that we are always in line with the latest technical requirements.

Study Leave

CSA has been implementing a Study Leave Scheme for all employees still pursuing their studies. This scheme reinforces the firm’s commitment towards ongoing learning.

Through this scheme, employees are entitled to 5 days of paid study leave, inclusive of exam date when sitting for ACCA, University examinations or otherwise. Employees implementing such scheme are required to provide proof from the University or institution offering the course of study.

Exposure to Conferences

Through our international affiliations, CSA is able to provide our employees with the opportunity to attend fly-in fly-out international conferences up to twice a year. Employees will be chosen to participate based on the relevance of their position with the topic being discussed.

At CSA we try to give our employees a holistic approach to accounting! Our aim is to expose our staff to all accounting elements with the services we provide, making sure that they are exposed to all facades of the profession. CSA ensures that all the staff is well trained to become all-rounders in the profession.

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